Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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ambidextrous able to use both the left and right hands with equal skill.
condone to pardon, disregard, or overlook voluntarily or without condemning.
deify to raise to the rank of a god; consider to be a god.
denigrate to deny the worth of; sneer at; belittle.
discomfit to upset or confuse.
etiolate to weaken, especially through deprivation of normal development.
fulminate to vehemently denounce or criticize something.
gamut the whole extent or range of anything.
impromptu without advance plan or preparation; spontaneously.
innocuous not capable of causing damage; harmless.
macerate to soften (food or the like) by soaking, as in digestion.
mésalliance marriage with someone of lower social standing than oneself.
reconnoiter to go through or over (an area) so as to gain information about it, as for military or engineering purposes.
risible provoking laughter; laughable or funny.
seminal of critical importance; essential.