Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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acclivity a rising slope.
apropos appropriate; relevant; opportune.
baneful causing or leading to death, destruction, or ruin; harmful or deadly.
cession the act of formally giving up or signing over, as a territory; ceding.
consummate of the highest order or degree.
derision mockery or ridicule.
desiccate to remove the moisture in (food) so as to preserve it.
flagitious viciously or shamefully wicked; infamous.
jubilate to feel joyful; rejoice; exult.
lenitive mitigating pain, discomfort, or distress; soothing.
nonplus to cause (someone) to be unable to think of what to say, do, or decide; perplex; bewilder.
pathos a quality in life or art that evokes pity, sadness, or compassion.
reconnaissance the act or process of examining an area, especially to gain militarily useful information.
reconnoiter to go through or over (an area) so as to gain information about it, as for military or engineering purposes.
recurve to bend or curve back or backward, as the ends of certain shooting bows.