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barrio one of the districts of a town in a Spanish-speaking country. [1/2 definitions]
biscuit a small, round-shaped bread for one person made with baking powder or baking soda instead of yeast. Biscuits are not usually sweet. [1/3 definitions]
black bear a medium-sized bear, usually with thick black or reddish brown fur. They are the most common bears in North America and live in forests and mountain areas. [1/2 definitions]
blues (used with a singular or plural verb) a style of sad-sounding music with roots in African American folk music. Jazz and rock music developed from the blues. [1/2 definitions]
bongo1 an African antelope that is reddish brown with white stripes and has spiral-shaped horns.
cactus a thick-stemmed, often prickly plant without conventional leaves that grows in hot, dry areas of America.
cookie a small, sweet, flat or ball-shaped cake baked from stiff dough.
courgette the British name for a zucchini, a cucumber-shaped vegetable with a smooth, dark green rind.
flow chart a chart or diagram that shows step-by-step how something grows, develops, or is made.
football the oval-shaped ball used in a game of American football. [1/4 definitions]
glowworm a worm-shaped insect that can give off light from its body. The larvae and the females of the firefly are kinds of glowworm.
harp a large musical instrument with an upright triangular frame. Harps have forty-six strings and are played by plucking the strings with the fingers.
hop2 a tall, climbing vine that bears green cone-shaped flowers. [1/2 definitions]
independent not needing the support or advice of another; self-sufficient. [1/3 definitions]
jack (plural but used with a singular verb) a children's game in which one bounces a ball and picks up as many small, star-shaped metal pieces as one can before the ball lands. [1/5 definitions]
Kazakhstan a Central Asian country located to the south of Russia. The capital of Kazakhstan is Nur-Sultan.
major scale a musical scale of whole steps, with two half-steps that occur between the third and fourth steps and the seventh and eighth steps.
minor scale any musical scale in which there is a half-step between the second and third tones and seventh and eighth tones.
primrose a plant that grows tube-shaped flowers in many colors. Primroses have large leaves at the base of the flower stalk.
sit to take care of a child while its parents are away; baby-sit. [1/6 definitions]
uneven not balanced; unfair; one-sided. [1/5 definitions]