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access the right or ability to enter, look at, or use something. [1/4 definitions]
adept having great skill or ability.
agility the ability to move or think easily and quickly.
appeal the ability to attract interest and attention. [1/6 definitions]
aptitude ability to learn quickly. [2 definitions]
art a fine skill that has resulted from natural ability, practice, or study. [1/4 definitions]
artificial intelligence an area of computer science that explores the ability of computers to think or have intelligence. Artificial intelligence is concerned with developing computer programs or computers that seem to use reason and make decisions.
at the end of one's tether at the limit or end of one's strength or ability.
audition a performance that tests the ability of an actor, musician, or dancer. [1/3 definitions]
believe in to be sure of the ability or value of. [1/2 definitions]
best better than all others in quality or ability. [1/6 definitions]
beyond outside the ability or limits of. [1/2 definitions]
can1 to be able to; have the ability to. [1/4 definitions]
capability the quality of being skilled or able; ability.
capacity power or ability. [1/3 definitions]
charm the ability to attract, delight, and please. [1/4 definitions]
command the ability to use or control. [1/7 definitions]
could used to express that there was ability to do something in the past, or that an action or state was possible in the past. [1/2 definitions]
courage the ability to face fear or danger; bravery.
creativity the ability to make or invent something original or imaginative.
disable to take away a person's ability. [1/2 definitions]