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check a written order to a bank to pay money from an account. [1/11 definitions]
consider to keep in mind; take into account. [1/3 definitions]
consideration something that must be taken into account in making a decision. [1/3 definitions]
count1 to take into account; include. [1/8 definitions]
cover to take into account; include. [1/6 definitions]
credit the amount of money in an account or an amount added to an account. [2/7 definitions]
debit an amount of money taken out of or owed on an account, or the record of that amount. [1/2 definitions]
description a spoken or written account of something. [1/3 definitions]
etymology an account of the roots and history of a word and its meanings.
in view of taking note of; taking into account; considering.
narrate to tell the tale or give an account of; relate. [1/2 definitions]
narrative a story, description, or account of events.
record a written account or other collection of information. [1/6 definitions]
report a statement or account of something. [2/5 definitions]
roundup a short account; report. [1/3 definitions]
story1 an account of something that happened, either true or made up. [1/3 definitions]
tale an account of a real or made-up event; story. [1/2 definitions]