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-able a suffix that means capable or worthy of being the object of a certain action. [1/3 definitions]
action verb a verb that shows its subject performing some action. "Run," "eat," "fly," and "sing" are examples of action verbs.
activate to cause action in or make active; start.
actively in a way that involves making an effort, taking action, or participating.
affirmative action a policy to make sure certain groups of people are given a fair chance for jobs and education. In particular, this policy is for minority groups and women who were not given these opportunities in the past. Regulations made by the U.S. government support affirmative action.
agreement an understanding between people or groups that states what kind of action is to be taken and what each person's responsibility will be. The document that describes this understanding is also called an agreement. [1/4 definitions]
-al2 a suffix that means "the action of."
answer an action in response. [2/7 definitions]
-ant a suffix that means causing or doing an action. [3 definitions]
assertive forward or aggressive in speech or action.
astir in action; moving.
at1 engaged in the action of. [1/5 definitions]
banish to cast out of a country by official action. [1/2 definitions]
barrier anything that gets in the way of action or progress. [1/2 definitions]
barrier island a long narrow island that is parallel to the mainland. A barrier island helps protect the shore from being worn away by the action of the ocean's waves.
be used with a present participle to show a continuing action. [2/8 definitions]
benefit an object, action, or sum of money that improves someone's life; aid. [1/4 definitions]
be sorry to suffer for an action or a choice one has made.
biodegradable able to be broken down by the action of living organisms such as bacteria.
by through the action of. [1/10 definitions]
by-product some thing or result that comes from an action intended for some other purpose.