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advisable being good and wise advice; sensible; recommended.
advise to give advice to; recommend. [1/3 definitions]
adviser a person who gives advice.
attorney a person whose job is to give legal advice and to speak for people in court; lawyer.
cabinet (often capitalized) a group of officials who give advice to the head of a government. [1/2 definitions]
consult to look to for advice or information.
consultant someone whose job it is to give advice to others on a particular subject; expert.
council a group of persons gathered together to discuss or make decisions about public matters. For example, a city council may make laws for or give advice on how to run a city.
counsel help or advice given by an authority or wise person. [3 definitions]
counseling the activity of meeting and talking regularly with someone who can give advice and support in a particular area of life.
counselor a person who gives advice, especially as a job. [1/3 definitions]
deaf not willing to listen to the ideas or advice of others. [1/2 definitions]
guidance advice. [1/2 definitions]
guide to offer advice to; counsel. [1/5 definitions]
independent not needing the support or advice of another; self-sufficient. [1/3 definitions]
input an opinion, advice, or help. [1/3 definitions]
opinion advice or a judgment by an expert or professional, such as a doctor, lawyer, or judge. [1/3 definitions]
pointer a word of advice; suggestion. [1/4 definitions]
preach to give advice to the public; tell or encourage others to accept. [1/2 definitions]
refer to pass or hand over for advice or help. [1/3 definitions]
saying a familiar statement that often contains advice or wisdom.