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A.D. after the birth of Jesus Christ. A.D. is an abbreviation for anno domini, which means "in the year of the Lord" in Latin. Something that happened in A.D. 50 happened fifty years after the birth of Christ.
after after some time; later. [1/7 definitions]
aftershock a small earthquake that follows a larger one. Aftershocks start at or near the same place where the first earthquake started. There are often several aftershocks after the first earthquake.
alternate to use in turn, one after another; switch between. [1/7 definitions]
animated cartoon a motion picture made by photographing a series of drawings showing stages of movement. The motion seems real when the drawings are shown quickly one after another.
any even a very small amount of (used after "not"). [1/5 definitions]
appeal a request that a higher court hear a case. An appeal is made after one has lost a case in a lower court. [1/6 definitions]
arroyo a steep ditch carved in a plain or desert by the force of running water. Arroyos are usually dry except after a heavy rainfall.
ash1 the soft gray powder that is left after something has been burned.
aspire to want strongly; have as an aim (usually followed by to or after).
at last after a long time or wait; finally.
average out to reach a middle state or level, especially after a period of changes or extremity. [1/2 definitions]
B.A. a college degree earned after four years of study. B.A. is an abbreviation for Bachelor of Arts.
bail1 money left with a court to make sure that a person who is set free after arrest will return for trial. [1/3 definitions]
barrage a great number of things coming one after another very quickly.
bathrobe a loose garment worn before or after bathing, over pajamas, or for relaxing in the home.
B.C.1 an abbreviation for "before Christ." These letters are placed after a date that is earlier than the birth of Christ. [1/2 definitions]
booster shot an injection of a vaccine given at some time after the first injection. A booster shot continues the protection against disease begun by the earlier injection.
bounce to spring back or up after hitting something, or to do so several times in a row. [1/4 definitions]
Boxing Day a holiday in England, Canada, and some other countries, celebrated on the first weekday after Christmas.
bran the outer layer of wheat and other cereal grains. Bran is left after the grain is ground and the flour or meal is sifted out.