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ancestor a person from whom one is descended and who lived several generations ago.
ancient of or relating to times long ago. [1/2 definitions]
antique from or made in a time long ago. [1/2 definitions]
brand-new having come into being a very short time ago, or having just been bought. [1/2 definitions]
brontosaur a huge dinosaur that only ate plants. Brontosaurs had heavy bodies and very long necks and tails. They lived over 100 million years ago. Brontosaurs are now called apatosaurs by scientists who study dinosaurs.
castle a large, strong building where a noble lived with his family and servants. Many castles were built long ago to defend the people inside against attacks. [1/2 definitions]
cave man a human being who lived in a cave thousands of years ago; cave dweller.
dinosaur one of a group of extinct animals. Some kinds of dinosaurs were the largest animals that ever lived on land. Other dinosaurs were as small as chickens. The first kinds of dinosaurs developed over two hundred million years ago. The last kinds became extinct about sixty-five million years ago.
ere before. This word is used in poems and stories written long ago.
fossil the remains or trace of a living animal or plant from a long time ago. Fossils are found embedded in earth or rock.
Gypsy a member of a group of wandering people who came from India long ago. Gypsies are now found throughout the world. [1/2 definitions]
just a very short time ago. [1/7 definitions]
late happening not long ago; recent. [1/6 definitions]
legend a story or group of stories that have been handed down from a time long ago and that many people in a society know but cannot prove to be true or untrue. [1/3 definitions]
mastodon a very large extinct mammal. Several kinds of mastodons lived in Africa, Europe, Asia, and North America tens of thousands of years ago. The last kind of mastodon became extinct at the end of the last Ice Age. Mammoths and modern elephants may have developed from earlier mastodons.
musket a heavy gun with a long barrel. Muskets were carried on the shoulder. They were used over three hundred years ago, before rifles were invented.
newcomer one who arrived not long ago.
newly not long ago.
now a short time ago or in the near future (usually used with "just" or "only"). [1/7 definitions]
other not long ago. [1/8 definitions]
Paleozoic of, relating to, or belonging to the era in the earth's history from about 540 million years ago to about 250 million years ago. During this time, the first fishes, amphibians, reptiles, insects, and land plants appeared.