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ambition the aim or goal of such a desire. [1/2 definitions]
aspiration a goal, aim, or ambition.
aspire to want strongly; have as an aim (usually followed by to or after).
direct to aim what one says or writes towards a particular person or group. [2/9 definitions]
end goal, purpose, or aim. [1/6 definitions]
for used to show the purpose or aim of an action. [1/12 definitions]
goal a result or end that a person wants and works for; aim or purpose. [1/3 definitions]
haphazard having no order; without aim or purpose. [1/2 definitions]
ideal a belief or aim considered to be worthy of honor or respect. [1/6 definitions]
intent1 plan; aim; intention. [1/2 definitions]
level to aim or direct. [1/10 definitions]
objective a goal or purpose that a person works to achieve; aim. [1/2 definitions]
plan an action one intends to take; aim. [1/4 definitions]
point to aim or direct at something. [1/13 definitions]
racket1 dishonest activities by a group of people whose aim is to cheat others of their money. [1/2 definitions]
shine to aim the light of. [1/8 definitions]
sight a device on a gun or telescope that is used to aim. [1/7 definitions]
wander to move about with no purpose, aim, or plan; roam. [1/3 definitions]