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aeronautics (used with a singular verb) a science that deals with making and flying aircraft.
air force the branch of a nation's armed forces that trains and fights using aircraft.
airship an aircraft that is lighter than air and can be steered. An airship has an engine and is filled with gas.
airstrip a landing strip or cleared area where aircraft land or take off; runway. An airstrip usually is not paved and does not have the workers or equipment of an airport.
aviator a person who flies an aircraft; pilot.
beacon a signal of light or radio waves that guides or warns ships or aircraft.
blimp an aircraft that holds its shape and flies because it is filled with a gas that is lighter than air; dirigible.
buzz to fly over very low in an aircraft. [1/4 definitions]
drone1 an aircraft that is controlled from a distance and does not carry pilots or passengers. Drones are used for various purposes such as taking pictures from the air, delivering supplies, fighting fires, and attacking military targets. [1/2 definitions]
fly1 to operate (an airplane or other aircraft). [2/9 definitions]
glider a light aircraft without a motor that flies on air currents.
hangar a shelter for aircraft.
helicopter a type of aircraft that is held in the air and moved along by spinning blades attached to its top side.
jet engine an engine that causes forward movement by the power of a stream of gases being forced out under pressure in the opposite direction. Jet engines are often used in aircraft.
jet propulsion a way of giving aircraft and some small ships the power to move forward. Jet propulsion forces air and hot gases under high pressure to go through a jet nozzle.
navigate to plan, manage, or control the course of (a ship, aircraft, or the like). [2/5 definitions]
navigation the act or practice of setting a course for or finding one's way to a destination, especially by ship, aircraft, or other vehicle; the act or practice of navigating. [1/2 definitions]
navigator a person who charts, sets, and steers the course of a ship or aircraft. [1/2 definitions]
pilot the operator of an aircraft. [1/3 definitions]
ship an airplane or other aircraft. [1/3 definitions]
starboard the right side of a ship or aircraft when facing forward from inside. [3/2 definitions]