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agree to be alike; match. [1/5 definitions]
akin similar in kind or spirit; alike. [1/2 definitions]
allied related or alike in nature. [1/2 definitions]
cluster a small, close group of things that are alike. [1/2 definitions]
color-blind treating others alike, without thinking about their skin color. [1/2 definitions]
different not the same; not alike. [1/2 definitions]
duplicate made exactly alike. [1/4 definitions]
identical alike in almost every aspect; very similar. [2/3 definitions]
match2 to bring together because of being equal or alike. [1/6 definitions]
pack1 a group of animals that are alike. [1/8 definitions]
pair two things that are alike and meant to be used together. [1/5 definitions]
parallel alike in certain ways; similar. [1/5 definitions]
resemblance the condition of being or looking alike.
same alike in every way; not at all different. [1/3 definitions]
uniform very alike; without any difference. [1/3 definitions]
unlike not alike or equal; different; unequal. [1/3 definitions]