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animate alive; living. [1/6 definitions]
animated able to move as though alive. [1/3 definitions]
dead no longer alive. [1/8 definitions]
deceased no longer alive; dead. [1/2 definitions]
exist to stay alive; live. [2/3 definitions]
existence the condition of being alive or real. [1/3 definitions]
fresh feeling new and alive. [1/7 definitions]
grow to stay alive and healthy. [1/5 definitions]
life the state of being that sets animals and plants apart from rocks, minerals, and other things that are not alive. Things that have life grow, reproduce, and use energy. [2/7 definitions]
live2 being alive; having life. [1/4 definitions]
living alive at this time. [1/6 definitions]
phoenix (sometimes cap.) a beautiful bird in Egyptian mythology that lives for five hundred years, then sets itself on fire and rises alive again from the ashes. The phoenix is a symbol of immortality.
survival the act or fact of continuing to be alive or survive.