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bee an insect with a hairy body, four wings, and sometimes a stinger. Some kinds of bees live in social groups, and some live alone. Many bees drink nectar from flowers.
butte a steep hill or mountain with a flat top that stands alone on flat land.
hermit a person who lives alone and away from others. Often a person becomes a hermit in order to lead a religious life.
isolate to set apart or separate so as to be alone.
leave alone to let alone; not disturb. [1/2 definitions]
lone without others; alone. [1/3 definitions]
lonely without company; alone. [2/3 definitions]
lonesome sad because of being alone. [1/2 definitions]
monologue a speech in a play given by an actor alone or as if alone on the stage. [1/2 definitions]
monopolize to get or keep sole control of; have for oneself alone; take over.
nest a comfortable place for rest or being alone. [1/5 definitions]
only alone or single; being without others. [1/5 definitions]
own belonging to oneself or itself alone. [1/4 definitions]
privacy the condition of being alone or away from the view of other people.
retire to go away to be alone or find shelter. [1/3 definitions]
retreat a quiet place for resting, thinking, or being alone. [1/5 definitions]
secluded set apart from other people; alone. [1/2 definitions]
separate standing alone; independent. [1/9 definitions]
single-handed alone and without help. [1/2 definitions]
social living in groups or communities instead of alone. [1/5 definitions]
sole1 single and alone; not one among others; only. [1/2 definitions]