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astonish to fill with great surprise or amazement.
astonishment great surprise or amazement.
breathless holding one's breath for a moment because of excitement, amazement, or fear. [1/2 definitions]
ha a word used to show triumph, surprise, discovery, amazement, or annoyance.
marvel a thing, person, or event that causes wonder or amazement. [2 definitions]
marvelous causing wonder or amazement. [1/2 definitions]
presto used by magicians to express wonder or amazement. [1/2 definitions]
so used as an expression of surprise, amazement, or understanding. [1/13 definitions]
wonder to feel admiration, surprise, or amazement (often followed by "at"). [2/4 definitions]
wow1 (informal) a word used to express amazement, pleasure, or enthusiasm. [1/2 definitions]