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accord an agreement between or among countries. [1/4 definitions]
allergy a condition in which a person's body has an unusual reaction to certain things. An allergy can cause itching, coughing, sneezing, or trouble breathing. Allergies to animal hair, pollen, and certain foods are among the most common.
amid among or surrounded by.
amidst in the middle of; among; amid.
amongst among.
carpool an agreement among a group of automobile drivers who work together, or whose children go to the same school. Each driver takes turns driving the others.
clan a group among the Scottish people that is made up of families with a common ancestor. [1/2 definitions]
come to be in a certain place, position, or order among others. [1/4 definitions]
companionship the relationship between or among companions; friendship.
confuse to fail to see the difference between or among. [1/2 definitions]
consistency agreement or similarity between or among different things. [1/2 definitions]
conspiracy a secret agreement among two or more people to do something wrong or illegal; plot.
correspondence agreement or similarity between or among things. [1/2 definitions]
discord lack of agreement or harmony among people or things; conflict. [1/2 definitions]
drama a television show or film that is serious in nature and reveals emotional conflicts among fictional characters. [1/4 definitions]
flannel a soft material made of wool or cotton. Flannel is used for warm clothing and bed covers, among other things.
fly2 an insect with two wings. Most flies are active in the daytime, and many have large eyes. Mosquitoes and houseflies are among the thousands of types of flies.
folk tale a story that has been handed down for generations among the common people of a region.
harmony a pleasant or organized relation among the parts of something. [1/3 definitions]
Indian a member of the native peoples of the Western Hemisphere, or a living relative of such a person. The only native peoples who are not included among Indians are the Inuits, Aleuts, and Yupiks. Indians are also referred to as American Indians or Native Americans. [1/4 definitions]
king a person, animal, or thing that is the most powerful, important, or admired among others of its kind. [1/4 definitions]