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abate to make less in amount or intensity. [2 definitions]
abundance a very large amount; plentiful supply.
abundant large in amount or number; more than enough.
accumulate to grow in amount or mass. [1/2 definitions]
accumulation an amount that collects or piles up. [1/2 definitions]
addend a number or amount added to another to form a sum.
a drop in the bucket a small amount compared to what is needed.
a little a small amount of something. [2/3 definitions]
ample large in size, amount, or space; as much or more than is needed.
amt. an abbreviation for amount.
any even a very small amount of (used after "not"). [2/5 definitions]
aperture an opening that controls the amount of light that reaches the lens on a camera. [1/2 definitions]
appetizer a small amount of food or drink served before a meal.
aqua the color that comes from mixing blue, green, and a small amount of white paint.
area the amount of surface within a certain space. [1/3 definitions]
assess to set or establish the amount of. [1/3 definitions]
at all in the smallest amount; in any way.
at all costs without considering the amount of work or effort needed.
at least at the lowest amount; not less than. [1/2 definitions]
atomic bomb a very destructive bomb; atom bomb. Its power comes from the great amount of energy released when atoms are split.
augment to make greater in size or amount; increase.