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archaic of or pertaining to ancient times. [1/3 definitions]
ark in the Bible, a chest carried by the ancient Hebrews. The ark contained the two stone tablets on which the Ten Commandments were written. [1/2 definitions]
Athens the capital city of Greece, in modern and ancient times.
catapult an ancient weapon used to throw objects, such as large stones or arrows, at an enemy. [1/4 definitions]
chariot a vehicle with two wheels used in ancient times. A chariot was pulled by horses and driven from a standing position. It was used in wars, races, and other public events.
circus a large, outdoor stadium in ancient Rome used for public events and games. [1/2 definitions]
classic (plural) the literature of ancient Greece or Rome. [1/4 definitions]
classical having to do with ancient Greek and Roman culture. [1/2 definitions]
Egyptian the language of ancient Egypt. [1/3 definitions]
Euphrates a river in southwest Asia. It flows from eastern Turkey south through Iraq. It joins the Tigris River in a valley where some of the most ancient civilizations were located.
forum the central place in ancient Roman cities where people gathered for business and public meetings. [1/2 definitions]
galley a large, low ship of ancient and medieval times that was moved by oars and sometimes by sails. [1/2 definitions]
gladiator a man in ancient Rome who fought other men or animals, often to the death, to entertain an audience.
god a being that is worshipped and believed to have special powers over nature or life. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed in the existence of many gods and goddesses. [1/2 definitions]
Hebrew the language of the ancient Hebrews, now the official language of Israel. [1/3 definitions]
Latin the language of ancient Rome. The Romance languages are derived from Latin. [2/4 definitions]
laurel (plural) honor or distinction. The ancient Greeks gave crowns of laurel leaves to their heroes. [1/3 definitions]
legion an army unit in ancient Rome that was made up of soldiers on foot and on horseback. [1/2 definitions]
lotus a plant in an ancient Greek legend. It was believed that those who ate the fruit of this plant happily forgot their troubles. [1/2 definitions]
lyre a stringed instrument of ancient Greece that is like a harp.
Maya a member of an ancient Indian civilization of Mexico and Central America that was discovered and destroyed by Europeans in the 1500s. [1/2 definitions]