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ask to seek an answer to; inquire. [1/5 definitions]
associative property in addition and multiplication, the characteristic that allows you to add or multiply a group of numbers in any order and get the same answer. For example, in multiplication, (5 x 2) x 7 is equal to (7 x 2) x 5.
calculation the process of getting an answer to a number question by adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing. The answer that is reached at the end of this process can also be called a calculation.
deduction the process of finding an answer by using what is already known to be true. [1/3 definitions]
distributive property in mathematics, a characteristic of numbers that allows you to multiply a group of numbers and get the same answer you would get if you multiplied each member of the group and then combined the answers. For example, 4 x (8 + 1 + 5) is equal to (4 x 8) + (4 x 1) + (4 x 5).
draw a blank to be unable to produce an idea, solution, or answer. [1/2 definitions]
figure to find an answer to by using numbers; calculate. [1/10 definitions]
figure out to find an answer to a problem or puzzling question by using the power of the mind.
guess an opinion, estimate, or answer based on little or no information. [1/4 definitions]
investigator a person who makes a careful search for information usually in order to answer a question.
plead to give one's answer to a specific charge of having broken a law. [1/2 definitions]
prompt swift to answer. [1/4 definitions]
ready quick to answer, understand, or communicate. [1/6 definitions]
reason to find (an answer) or conclude by thinking logically (often followed by out). [1/4 definitions]
receptionist an office worker employed primarily to greet visitors, take telephone calls, and answer routine questions.
reply to give an answer in words or writing. [3/4 definitions]
respond to answer or give a reply, in words or otherwise. [1/2 definitions]
response a written or spoken answer; reply. [1/2 definitions]
solution an answer to or explanation of a problem. [1/4 definitions]
solve to find or figure out an answer to.
talk back to answer in a rude manner.