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addition the arithmetic operation of finding the total of two or more numbers. [1/3 definitions]
average out to amount to an arithmetic average (usually followed by "to"). [1/2 definitions]
calculate to find out by using arithmetic; compute. [1/3 definitions]
compute to figure out or calculate by using arithmetic. [1/2 definitions]
division the arithmetic operation that finds how many times one number contains another. [1/6 definitions]
divisor the number in an arithmetic problem by which another number is to be divided.
equation a statement in arithmetic that uses an equal sign to show the equality of two quantities.
figure (plural) arithmetic. [1/10 definitions]
mathematics (used with a singular verb) the study of numbers, amounts, shapes, and the relationship between them, using symbols to represent these things. Arithmetic, algebra, and geometry are some branches of mathematics.
multiplication an arithmetic operation that combines two numbers to give one number, called a product. [1/2 definitions]
multiply1 to perform arithmetic multiplication. [1/5 definitions]