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align to place or arrange in a straight line.
alphabetize to arrange in the order of the alphabet.
array to put in order or position; organize or arrange. [1/5 definitions]
book to arrange ahead of time, or to make an appointment for. [1/3 definitions]
comb a thin piece of plastic or other material that has teeth along one side. It is used to smooth, arrange, or hold hair in place. [2/5 definitions]
coordinate to arrange or select things so that they work well together. [1/3 definitions]
dispose to place or arrange.
marshal to arrange in proper order. [1/3 definitions]
organize to set in order; arrange in an orderly way. [1/3 definitions]
position to put in a particular place or arrange in a particular way. [1/7 definitions]
provide to set as a rule; arrange as a condition. [1/4 definitions]
rearrange to change the order of or arrange in a different way. [2 definitions]
set to put in order or arrange in order to make ready for use. [1/19 definitions]
space to arrange using spaces. [1/7 definitions]
stack to put, store, or arrange in a stack or stacks. [1/5 definitions]
stagger to schedule or arrange at different times. [1/4 definitions]