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appointment an arrangement to meet or to do something. [1/3 definitions]
array a correct or proper arrangement. [1/5 definitions]
design pattern or arrangement. [1/5 definitions]
disorder lack of order or arrangement. [1/3 definitions]
formation a particular arrangement of people. [1/4 definitions]
gear a particular arrangement of gears, especially in a vehicle. [1/4 definitions]
geometry the shape, arrangement, or design of an object. [1/2 definitions]
irregular uneven in shape, arrangement, surface, or some other way. [1/4 definitions]
lighting the type and arrangement of lights in an area.
melody musical sounds in a pleasant order and arrangement. [1/2 definitions]
pattern an arrangement of shapes, lines, letters, numbers, or colors that can be repeated or used again and again. [1/4 definitions]
reservation (often plural) an arrangement to have something saved for a particular person, such as a seat on a plane, a hotel room, or a table in a restaurant. [1/3 definitions]
rig the arrangement and number of masts and sails of a particular type of boat or ship. [1/5 definitions]
symmetry a state in which both sides of something are balanced in size, form, or arrangement.