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attain to arrive at or reach. [1/2 definitions]
burst to arrive or come out suddenly. [1/7 definitions]
c.o.d. an abbreviation for "collect on delivery," or "cash on delivery." Ordering an item c.o.d. means that payment is not required until the goods arrive.
come to arrive or enter. [1/4 definitions]
due supposed to arrive; expected. [1/6 definitions]
gain to arrive at or reach. [1/7 definitions]
get to arrive. [1/10 definitions]
get in to arrive. [1/2 definitions]
interrogative a word, phrase, or other expression that is often used to ask a question. "When" is an interrogative in the sentence, "When will they arrive?" [1/2 definitions]
land to arrive upon the ground or other surface. [1/9 definitions]
make to arrive at or in time for. [1/10 definitions]
reach to arrive at. [1/11 definitions]
schedule a list of times when public vehicles such as buses and trains arrive and depart. [1/4 definitions]
show up to arrive at a place.
timetable a schedule that lists the times at which certain events take place. People read timetables to find out when trains, buses, or airplanes will arrive or leave.