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aesthetic having to do with beauty or art, including literature, dance, music, painting, drawing, and sculpture.
allegory in art or literature, the use of concrete characters, events, or things, to represent abstract qualities or ideas, often to make a point about good and evil. [1/2 definitions]
artist a person who is good at painting, music, writing, or any other art. [1/2 definitions]
artistic having to do with art or artists. [1/2 definitions]
art room a room in a school where art is taught and where art materials are kept.
atmosphere a feeling or mood created by a particular place or a work of art. [1/3 definitions]
censor an official who decides what art, movies, or books may be published. A censor works for a government, religion, or other organization, and promotes its ideas. [1/3 definitions]
cinema the art or business of making movies. [1/2 definitions]
classic a work of art or literature that is considered to be one of the best. A classic is an example against which other works are judged. [1/4 definitions]
collage a type of art work in which different kinds of materials are pasted onto a surface to make a picture. These materials can be anything from paper and photographs, to cloth and buttons.
critic a person whose work is to judge and write opinions about music, movies, plays, art, and literature. [1/2 definitions]
critique a written evaluation of a work of art or literature. [1/3 definitions]
culture the language, customs, ideas, and art of a particular group of people. [2/4 definitions]
dance The art of dancing. [1/7 definitions]
embroidery the art or result of sewing designs on cloth; needlework.
engraving the act, art, or procedure of carving into a surface or engraving. [1/2 definitions]
exhibition a public showing of art, crafts, products, or skills. [1/2 definitions]
fan2 a person who is very interested in a sport or a performing art, or in a person who does that activity.
fencing the art, sport, or practice of fighting with swords.
festival a series of shows, exhibits, or special activities that center around a particular type of thing such as music, art, food, or crafts. [1/2 definitions]
folk having to do with the art forms of a people's traditions or culture. [1/5 definitions]