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appendix a section at the end of a book or magazine article that gives more information. [1/2 definitions]
clause a section, article, or provision of a legal document or of other documents. [1/2 definitions]
column an article or other piece of writing in a newspaper or magazine that appears on a regular schedule. [1/4 definitions]
definite article the article "the" in English grammar. The definite article is used with a noun when one is referring to something that is already known or has already been talked about.
editorial an article in a newspaper, or a statement on television, that gives an opinion or point of view. [1/2 definitions]
headline the title to a newspaper article that tells what the article is about. The headline for the most important news is in the largest type on the front page of the paper. [1/2 definitions]
indefinite article either of the articles "a" or "an" in English grammar. These articles do not restrict the noun to a particular person, place or thing. In the sentence, "A dog ran into my yard," the indefinite article "a" is used to show that it could have been any dog, and that a particular dog is not being named.
introduction a part at the beginning of something, such as a book, article, or speech, that explains what will follow. [1/4 definitions]
manuscript a piece of writing prepared by the author before it becomes a printed article or book.
mesh a material or article made of fiber woven to form open spaces, as in a net. [1/4 definitions]
neck the part of an article of clothing that fits around the neck. [1/3 definitions]
pants an article of clothing that covers the area below the waist, reaching down as far as the feet and covering each leg separately; trousers. [1/2 definitions]
print a cloth or article of clothing covered with a pattern, or the pattern itself. [1/8 definitions]
prop2 a piece of furniture or other movable article used in the presentation of a play; stage property.
review an article in a newspaper or magazine that judges the worth of a recent book, film, play, or other work of art. [1/7 definitions]
run a place where stitches have broken in a stocking or other knitted article. [1/30 definitions]
specialty an article or thing of particular value. [1/2 definitions]
stud1 a small button that is put through a hole to fasten an article of clothing. [1/5 definitions]
tunic an article of clothing that is loose and hangs to the knees. Tunics sometimes do not have sleeves and are sometimes belted. The ancient Greeks and Romans wore tunics. [1/2 definitions]