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artificial intelligence an area of computer science that explores the ability of computers to think or have intelligence. Artificial intelligence is concerned with developing computer programs or computers that seem to use reason and make decisions.
bionic an electronic or mechanical device that replaces or helps something natural. An artificial leg is one kind of bionic device.
Christmas tree a real or artificial evergreen tree, usually placed indoors and decorated with lights and ornaments at Christmas.
false not real; fake or artificial. [1/3 definitions]
formula a liquid food for feeding babies; artificial milk. [1/5 definitions]
irrigate to supply with water by artificial means from a natural source of water.
musk an artificial substance that smells like the natural deer substance. This kind of musk is also used in making perfume. [1/2 definitions]
nylon a strong, artificial material used to make yarn, cloth, plastic, and many other products. [1/2 definitions]
plastic an artificial substance made from certain kinds of chemicals that can be easily shaped when soft. Plastic is formed into many materials and products. [1/4 definitions]
sponge an artificial material with many small holes that can soak up water easily. [1/5 definitions]
synthetic made with chemicals formed in a laboratory instead of something found in nature; man-made; artificial. [1/2 definitions]
unnatural not honest; pretended or artificial. [1/2 definitions]
wig a head covering made of natural or artificial hair, worn to cover one's own hair.