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aerial of or happening in the air or atmosphere. [1/3 definitions]
aerospace the earth's atmosphere and the space beyond it.
air movement of the atmosphere; breeze or wind. [1/6 definitions]
air pressure the force of air on things. Air pressure has to do with how much force air has when it has been compressed into a space like a tire. It is also the pressure of the earth's atmosphere.
barometer an instrument that measures the pressure of the atmosphere and is used to predict the weather.
cloud a white or gray mass of fine drops of water or ice high in the earth's atmosphere. [1/5 definitions]
cyclone a storm with very strong winds that turn around a center of low pressure in the atmosphere.
greenhouse effect the warming of the earth's surface that takes place when heat from the sun is held in by the earth's atmosphere. The greenhouse effect can be caused by too much carbon dioxide being released into the air from the burning of fossil fuels.
meteor a bright streak or flash in the sky which occurs when small pieces of space material enter our atmosphere and burn up, often called a shooting star.
meteorology the science that studies the earth's weather and atmosphere.
nitrogen a gas with no color or smell that is one of the chemical elements. Nitrogen makes up about eighty percent of the earth's atmosphere, and it is also found in all living things. (symbol: N)
outer space region beyond the atmosphere of the earth.
oxygen a gas with no color or smell that is one of the chemical elements. Oxygen combines with hydrogen to make water. It also makes up about twenty percent of the earth's atmosphere. Most living things need oxygen. (symbol: O)
ozone a form of oxygen that occurs when oxygen is exposed to an electrical charge, like lightning. It is found naturally in Earth's atmosphere.
reentry the return of a spacecraft or rocket into the earth's atmosphere. [1/2 definitions]
shooting star a chunk of metal or rock from outer space that burns up as it enters the earth's atmosphere; meteor.
storm a violent disturbance in the atmosphere that brings rain, snow, wind, thunder, or lightning. [1/5 definitions]
stratosphere a layer of the earth's upper atmosphere from about six miles to about thirty miles above the earth's surface.
Venus the sixth largest planet in the solar system and second in distance from the sun. Venus has a dense, cloudy atmosphere. The clouds that cover Venus reflect light and make it the brightest planet. [1/2 definitions]
water cycle the process by which water on the earth evaporates, then condenses in the atmosphere, and then returns to earth in the form of precipitation.