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at the wheel driving or steering an automobile, ship, or the like.
auto see "automobile."
automobile a vehicle with four wheels that is powered by a motor that uses gasoline or other fuel; car. An automobile is used on roads to carry people.
boot the British word for the large compartment in the rear of an automobile used to store items such as packages and tools. Boot has the same meaning as trunk. [1/4 definitions]
car an automobile. [1/3 definitions]
carpool an agreement among a group of automobile drivers who work together, or whose children go to the same school. Each driver takes turns driving the others.
chauffeur a person whose job is to drive an automobile.
compact1 a small automobile. [1/6 definitions]
honk any sound like this, such as the sound of an automobile horn. [2/5 definitions]
jeep a small, powerful automobile that can be used on land and rough roads. [1/2 definitions]
passenger a person who is not driving, but travels in an automobile, bus, train, or other vehicle.
racer an automobile, boat, or horse that competes in races. [1/3 definitions]
sedan an automobile with a hard roof and a front and a back seat.
spin a short drive or ride in an automobile, boat, or small airplane. [1/8 definitions]
stud1 a pin or peg attached to an automobile tire to help it grip a road surface firmly. [1/5 definitions]
taxicab an automobile or other vehicle that carries passengers for a fee that is charged according to the distance traveled.
transmission a system of gears that sends power from the engine to the wheels in an automobile, truck, or other vehicle. [1/3 definitions]
trunk a large compartment in the rear of an automobile used to store items such as packages and tools. [1/6 definitions]