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availability the condition of being available.
busy being used; not available. [1/4 definitions]
close to stop working; become no longer available for business. [1/14 definitions]
for hire available for service or use in return for a payment of money.
for rent available to live in or use in exchange for payment.
for sale available for purchase.
fund (plural) money available or on hand. [1/4 definitions]
hoard a collection or supply of something that is hidden or stored in order to have it available in the future. [1/2 definitions]
improvised constructed or composed from whatever materials are available or handy. [1/2 definitions]
on tap on hand; available for use or service. [1/2 definitions]
open available. [1/16 definitions]
private available only to owners or members and excluding the general public. [1/6 definitions]
provide to make available for use. [1/4 definitions]
rental an apartment or commercial property available for rent.
resource (usually plural) money or things that are available for a particular use. [1/4 definitions]
rig to put together from whatever materials are available in order to use for a short time (usually followed by "up"). [1/5 definitions]
room space that is used or available for use. [1/5 definitions]
supply1 an amount of something available for use; stock. [1/5 definitions]
vacant not in use; available. [1/3 definitions]