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beat around the bush to avoid or delay speaking about the most important matter.
bury one's head in the sand to avoid the truth.
bypass a road that is built to go around a busy area or to avoid something in the way. [2 definitions]
cautious taking care to avoid danger or trouble; careful.
conserve to use in amounts that are no more than necessary in order to avoid waste. [1/2 definitions]
detour a temporary route made to avoid a road repair or other problem, or some other way that is longer than the direct route. [1/3 definitions]
do1 used to avoid repeating a main verb. [1/12 definitions]
dodge to avoid something by moving quickly aside or changing direction. [4/5 definitions]
duck2 to lower the head or whole body quickly to avoid something. [2/3 definitions]
elude to get away from or avoid by speed or skill.
escape to get away; avoid being caught or harmed. [1/5 definitions]
evade to avoid or fail to obey. [1/2 definitions]
fail to forget to do or avoid doing something important or required. [1/7 definitions]
get away with to avoid being caught or punished for doing something.
hedge to avoid saying what one thinks or will do by not answering directly. [1/3 definitions]
help to avoid or keep from (usually used with "can" or "cannot"). [1/8 definitions]
idle wanting to avoid work; lazy. [1/6 definitions]
keep one's distance to stay far away or avoid getting involved.
miss1 to avoid or escape. [1/8 definitions]
play possum to pretend to be asleep or dead; keep very still to avoid being noticed. Opossums do this so predators will ignore them.
precaution something done beforehand to avoid or prevent a danger or harm; something done to make sure everything goes well.