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abreast closely aware. [1/2 definitions]
alert to warn or make aware. [1/3 definitions]
appreciate to be well aware of. [1/4 definitions]
awake to cause to become aware of. [2/5 definitions]
awaken to make sharply aware. [1/2 definitions]
clue in to provide with information or make aware.
conscious sensitive to; knowing; aware (often followed by "of"). [1/3 definitions]
consciousness the physical condition of being awake and aware. [2/3 definitions]
distant seeming to be in one's own world and not aware of other people or their feelings. [1/3 definitions]
feel to sense or be aware of. [1/7 definitions]
ignorant not aware; not informed. [1/2 definitions]
know to be sure that; be aware that. [1/4 definitions]
know of to be aware of; have heard about.
learn to find out about; become aware or informed of. [1/3 definitions]
notice to be aware of; observe. [1/3 definitions]
on the ball paying attention; aware. [1/2 definitions]
onto aware of another's hidden reasons for doing something. [1/2 definitions]
perceive to become aware of through the senses. [1/2 definitions]
perception the ability to become aware of or know through the senses. [1/2 definitions]
sensation a condition of being aware of something or feeling something by means of one of the senses. [1/4 definitions]
sense to be or become aware of; perceive. [1/9 definitions]