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all thumbs awkward, especially with the hands; clumsy.
blunder to act or move in an awkward way or without clear purpose. [1/3 definitions]
clamber to climb with difficulty or in an awkward way, using hands and feet.
clumsy without physical grace or control; awkward. [1/3 definitions]
hobble to walk with trouble or in an awkward manner; limp. [1/5 definitions]
icebreaker something that breaks the tension in a formal or awkward social situation. [1/2 definitions]
lanky tall, thin, and awkward.
paw to handle in a rough or awkward way. [1/3 definitions]
slouch a person who is awkward, lazy, or without ability. [1/4 definitions]
uneasy not confident in manner; awkward. [1/2 definitions]