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acne a skin condition that makes pimples appear on the face, back, or chest. It happens when oil glands in the skin are blocked.
alternate to move back and forth between two or more places, actions, or conditions (usually followed by "between"). [1/7 definitions]
backbone the row of bones that runs along the center of the back; spine. [1/2 definitions]
background the part of a picture or scene that is towards the back or seems to be furthest away. [1/2 definitions]
backhand a tennis stroke that involves a forward movement of the arm with the back of the hand outward.
backpack a pack used to carry objects on one's back while hiking or walking. [1/2 definitions]
backstroke the arm motion of a swimmer moving along on his or her back.
backward in the direction of or toward the back. [3/4 definitions]
bacon salted and smoked meat taken from the back and side of the pig.
badger a furry mammal with short legs and a long body. The American badger has a white stripe on its forehead that runs down its back, and it has long dark marks on its face also. Badgers eat worms, rodents, rabbits, and plants. Different kinds of badgers live in Europe, Asia, and North America. They are related to skunks, otters, and other kinds of weasels. [1/2 definitions]
badminton a sport in which players use rackets to hit a small rubber object back and forth across a high net.
bar1 a length of metal or other strong, solid material often used to hold something back, support something, or hold things together. [1/9 definitions]
bareback on the back of a horse or donkey without a saddle.
behind in or at the back of; on the other side of. [2/7 definitions]
bend to lean one's upper body from the waist (often followed by "over", "forward", or "back"). [1/5 definitions]
bounce to spring back or up after hitting something, or to do so several times in a row. [2/4 definitions]
-bound a suffix that means "held back by" or "kept in." [1/2 definitions]
bum (informal) to ask for and get, with no plan to pay back or return. [1/3 definitions]
bumper the heavy bar on the front and back of cars and trucks that protects the vehicle from damage if it hits something. [1/2 definitions]
bun a hair style shaped like a bun. The hair is gathered at the back or top of the head. [1/2 definitions]
cable car an enclosed vehicle either on rails or hanging from a cable that is pulled back and forth by a moving cable. A cable car carries people up and down a steep slope or across a chasm.