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back the backbone; spine. [1/10 definitions]
invertebrate without a backbone [2 definitions]
shellfish a small animal that lives in fresh or salt water and has a shell outside its body. Shellfish are not true fish. They are invertebrates, or animals with no backbone. People can eat many kinds of shellfish, including clams, oysters, shrimp, and lobsters.
spinal column the row of bones that runs along the center of the back; spine; backbone. The bones of the spinal column are called vertebrae. The spinal column protects the nerves in the spinal cord.
spine the backbone; spinal column. [1/3 definitions]
tail the rear part of an animal's body that sticks out from the backbone. [1/7 definitions]
vertebrate having a backbone. [2 definitions]
worm an animal with a long, thin, round or flat body. Worms have no legs and move by creeping or crawling. Worms are invertebrates and have no backbone. [1/7 definitions]