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air bag a bag in the front of some cars that blows up with air instantly in a crash to stop the passengers from being thrown forward.
bag the amount that a bag holds. [2/4 definitions]
bagpipe a wind instrument made of a leather bag and pipes. It is played by blowing air into the bag and squeezing the bag to force air through pipes that produce musical tones.
balloon a large bag made of thin material designed to inflate and be lifted off the ground when filled with hot air or a gas that is lighter than air. [2/3 definitions]
base1 one of the four corners of the infield in baseball or softball, or the bag marking any of these points. [1/7 definitions]
bellows (used with a singular or plural verb) a bag that can be expanded to draw air in and squeezed to force air out. Bellows are used to blow air on a fire or produce sound on a musical instrument.
drawstring a cord or string that is drawn through fabric and pulled to tighten or close an opening, as of pants, a bag, or the like.
handbag a bag or case used to carry small personal articles; purse.
knapsack a bag worn on the back to carry things. A knapsack is often made of leather, canvas, or nylon.
object a noun or noun phrase that receives the action of a verb in a sentence. In the sentence, "I forgot my bag," the noun "bag" is the object. [1/6 definitions]
pocket a small piece of material, open at the top and sewn onto clothing. A pocket forms a bag for keeping small objects. [1/5 definitions]
pouch a sturdy bag or sack of any size that is used to carry things. [1/2 definitions]
purse a pouch or bag made of leather, cloth, or a similar material, used for carrying money and other personal items; handbag. [1/4 definitions]
sac a plant or animal part shaped like a bag or pouch.
sack1 a large bag made of thick paper or other strong material and used for holding various kinds of things such as grain, potatoes, onions, coarse salt, and seeds. [2/4 definitions]
shopping bag a large, strong bag with handles, used for carrying purchases.
sleeping bag a large bag with a warm lining and a zipper used to sleep in outdoors.