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band2 to tie with a strip of material in order to tell apart or bundle together; put a band on. [1/4 definitions]
Band-Aid (Trademark) A Band-Aid brand bandage is a strip of tape that holds a gauze pad. It is used to cover small wounds. [1/3 definitions]
belt a continuous band of heavy, flexible material used to drive a machine or carry materials. [1/3 definitions]
bracelet a band or chain worn around the wrist or arm as an ornament.
caravan a band of people traveling together. Caravans are often formed for safety when crossing a remote area like a desert. [1/3 definitions]
channel a frequency band used by radio or television stations. [1/4 definitions]
cuff1 a band of material at the end of a shirt sleeve or pants leg that is folded over. A cuff is often sewn in place. [1/2 definitions]
drum major the leader of a marching band who beats time and often twirls a baton.
drum majorette a woman or girl who leads a marching band and often twirls a baton.
earmuff one of a pair of soft pads that are worn over the ears to protect against cold. The two pads are connected by a band that goes over the head.
garter an elastic band used to hold up a stocking or shirt sleeve.
group a small musical band, especially one that plays pop or jazz music. [1/4 definitions]
halo any circle or band of light that appears around a source of light, such as the sun or moon. [1/2 definitions]
headband a band worn around the head. Headbands are used to hold back the hair or to soak up wetness.
headphone (usually plural) a sound receiver for a radio or stereo system that is held over one or both ears by a band; earphones.
hoop a round band of metal used to hold together the strips that form the sides of a barrel. [1/4 definitions]
jet stream a narrow band of strong, fast wind several miles above the earth's surface. The jet stream usually flows from west to east.
ligament a band of tough tissue that connects bones or supports muscles or organs.
ribbon a narrow strip or band of colorful material used to hold the hair or to tie up presents. [1/3 definitions]
ring1 a small band of metal or other hard material in the shape of a circle. Rings are worn on the finger for their beauty or as a symbol. [2/6 definitions]
sash1 a band of cloth worn around the waist or over the shoulder.