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bank2 to do business at a bank. [1/3 definitions]
cage a similar structure that carries or protects people, such as an elevator car or a bank cashier's cage. [1/4 definitions]
cashier1 a person whose job is to handle the money in a bank. [1/2 definitions]
cash machine a bank machine used for dispensing cash and other transactions.
check a written order to a bank to pay money from an account. [1/11 definitions]
credit card a card from a bank or store that lets a person buy things and pay for them later.
deposit to hand over to a bank or other safe place. [2/7 definitions]
drift a mass or bank made up of drifting matter such as snow. [1/5 definitions]
finance (plural) the money owned by a person, bank, government, or other institution; funds. [1/3 definitions]
mortgage a written agreement by which a bank or other institution agrees to lend money so that one can buy a property. The bank holds a claim to this property until the money is paid back.
piggy bank a small bank in which coins are put through a slot and saved. Piggy banks are in the shape of a pig.
teller an employee in a bank who takes in and pays out money. [1/2 definitions]
West Bank an area in the Middle East between the west bank of the Jordan River and the eastern border of Israel. It was once part of Jordan and was taken over by Israel in 1967.