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bark1 to utter a bark or barks. [1/3 definitions]
beech a tree that has smooth, gray bark and nuts that people can eat.
birch a tree or shrub with hard wood and smooth bark that can be peeled off.
callus a thickened, toughened area of skin or other tissue, such as bone or bark.
cashew a tropical American evergreen tree. A gum used in medicine is obtained from the bark. [1/2 definitions]
cinnamon a spice made from the dried bark of a tropical Asian tree. [2 definitions]
cork a kind of oak that has a thick, soft bark. Corks grow near the Mediterranean Sea. [3/4 definitions]
prairie dog a small rodent with light brown fur. Prairie dogs make burrows and live in large colonies called "towns." Several kinds of prairie dogs live in Mexico and the United States. Prairie dogs are not related to true dogs, but have a cry that sounds like a dog's bark.
tepee a tent shaped like a cone and made with skins or bark. Tepees were used by some North American Indian peoples who lived on the plains.
wigwam a Native American shelter, shaped like a dome, made up of poles covered with bark, hides, or mats.
wood the hard material lying under the bark that makes up the trunk and branches of a tree. [1/4 definitions]
yap to bark with sharp, high sounds. [2/3 definitions]
yelp to cry out or bark quickly and sharply. [2 definitions]