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cask a large, strong barrel used for holding wine or other liquids
container something, such as a box, barrel, or can, that contains or can contain something else.
drum a container shaped like a cylinder, such as a barrel or a machine part. [1/5 definitions]
hoop a round band of metal used to hold together the strips that form the sides of a barrel. [1/4 definitions]
keg a small barrel holding less than ten gallons.
mallet a hammer with a short handle and a large head shaped like a barrel. [1/3 definitions]
musket a heavy gun with a long barrel. Muskets were carried on the shoulder. They were used over three hundred years ago, before rifles were invented.
muzzle the open end of the barrel of a gun. A bullet is shot out of a gun through the muzzle. Old rifles were loaded through the muzzle. [1/6 definitions]
ramrod a rod that fits inside the barrel of a gun. A ramrod is used for pushing gunpowder into the barrel or for cleaning the barrel of the gun.
rifle1 a gun that has a long barrel and that is shot from the shoulder.
vat a very large barrel, tub, or tank, used for holding liquids.