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bar1 anything that acts as a block or barrier. [1/9 definitions]
barrier island a long narrow island that is parallel to the mainland. A barrier island helps protect the shore from being worn away by the action of the ocean's waves.
Berlin the capital city of Germany. Between 1945 and 1990 the city was divided into East Berlin and West Berlin. For most of that time the Berlin Wall, a concrete and wire barrier, separated East and West Berlin.
hurdle a barrier over which a runner or horse must leap in the course of certain races. [1/4 definitions]
jump a fence or other barrier to be jumped over. [1/11 definitions]
rail1 a bar of wood or metal that runs between two posts and serves as a fence or barrier. [1/3 definitions]
railing a barrier or fence made of posts and rails. [1/2 definitions]