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gondola a basket, car, or sling that hangs below a balloon or blimp, used for carrying passengers or instruments. [1/2 definitions]
hamper2 a large basket or container with a cover, used to hold picnic supplies or dirty laundry.
hoop (informal) the basket used in basketball. [1/4 definitions]
score the making of a goal, run, or basket in sports. [1/8 definitions]
trolley a British word for a basket on wheels that can carry things like shopping items or luggage. Trolley has a similar meaning to cart. [1/4 definitions]
wastepaper basket a British word for a small, open container for holding trash. Wastepaper basket has the same meaning as wastebasket.
wicker a basket or piece of furniture made of such twigs or strips woven together. [1/3 definitions]