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ammunition any means used in a disagreement or battle to attack or defend an opinion. [1/2 definitions]
armada a large group of ships armed for battle.
armor a suit made of leather, metal, or other strong material, worn to protect the body during battle. [1/4 definitions]
battlefield the area in which a battle takes place.
clash a fight, battle, or disagreement. [1/5 definitions]
conflict a fight, battle or war. [1/3 definitions]
defeat to win a victory over; beat in a game or battle. [1/4 definitions]
encounter to meet in battle or conflict. [1/4 definitions]
engage to battle with. [1/4 definitions]
fell2 to strike down or kill in a fight or battle. [1/2 definitions]
fight the use of weapons, bodies, or words to struggle with someone or something; battle; quarrel. [3/5 definitions]
retreat the act of pulling back from battle. [1/5 definitions]
tactic a technique or maneuver used for achieving a goal, especially in battle.
tilt at windmills1 to battle against imaginary enemies or offenses.
victor the winner of a contest, battle, argument, or struggle.
warrior a person who fights or has experience in battle; soldier.