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black bear a medium-sized bear, usually with thick black or reddish brown fur. They are the most common bears in North America and live in forests and mountain areas. [2 definitions]
bore4 past tense of bear1.
born past participle of bear1 with meaning connected with birth. [1/3 definitions]
borne past participle of bear1 with meaning connected with carrying, supporting, or enduring.
brave to face or bear with courage. [1/3 definitions]
brown bear a bear that is mainly brown in color, found in western North America and northern Europe and Asia. Brown bears vary in size from the small Syrian variety to the giant Kodiak bear and include the North American grizzlies. They are found in more parts of the world than any other kind of bear.
burden1 something that is carried or difficult to bear. [1/2 definitions]
carry to take from one place to another; bear or support while moving; transport. [1/4 definitions]
cottonwood a North American tree of the poplar family. Cottonwoods grow quickly and bear seeds surrounded by fiber that looks like cotton. [1/2 definitions]
cub the young offspring of some carnivorous mammals, such as the bear, lion, and wolf.
endure to bear up under or function in spite of. [1/2 definitions]
fir a type of evergreen tree. Fir trees bear cones and are related to the pines. There are many different kinds of firs.
grizzly bear a large bear found in the northwestern United States and western Canada. The fur of the grizzly bear can be grayish or brown.
hostile hard to bear; harsh. [1/2 definitions]
impatience the quality or condition of being unable to wait calmly or bear annoyances.
intolerable too difficult or unpleasant to be near or to bear.
leaf to bear or sprout leaves. [1/5 definitions]
polar bear a large bear with thick white fur that lives in arctic areas.
press1 to bear down on. [1/10 definitions]
prickly pear a cactus that is known for its bright flowers. Some kinds of prickly pear bear a fruit that can be eaten.
support to bear. [1/9 definitions]