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abolitionist a person who supported Abolition, or the ending of slavery, before the Civil War.
advance money paid before work is finished. [1/8 definitions]
again once more; as before. [1/2 definitions]
ago before now. [1/2 definitions]
ahead before; in front. [1/3 definitions]
a.m. the time between midnight and noon. A.M. is an abbreviation for "ante meridiem," which means "before noon" in Latin.
an another word for a. It is used before words that start with a, e, i, o, or u, or before words that begin with vowel sounds.
appear to come before the public. [1/3 definitions]
appetizer a small amount of food or drink served before a meal.
area code a set of three numbers given to different areas of the United States and Canada for telephone service. An area code must be dialed before the telephone number when calling someone outside a local area.
Aztec a member of an Indian people who had an advanced civilization in central Mexico before Spain conquered it in 1519.
back to an earlier time or a place where one was before. [1/10 definitions]
bagel a kind of bread roll that is shaped like a ring. Bagel dough is boiled in water before it is baked.
baste1 to sew with long, loose stitches. Basting lets one put together the pieces of a garment to see how it fits before the final sewing.
bathrobe a loose garment worn before or after bathing, over pajamas, or for relaxing in the home.
B.C.1 an abbreviation for "before Christ." These letters are placed after a date that is earlier than the birth of Christ. [1/2 definitions]
brand-new having never been used before; completely new. [1/2 definitions]
brink the point just before a major change happens. [1/2 definitions]
by at or before a certain time. [1/10 definitions]
by and by before long; soon.
carry on to continue to do or go on as before. [1/2 definitions]