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advanced beyond an early or beginning level, or beyond the level of others; in a very developed state. [1/2 definitions]
all along from the beginning; the whole time.
alliteration the repetition of the same sound at the beginning of words in a phrase or sentence.
argue to state or claim in support of what one thinks or believes (often followed by a clause beginning with "that"). [1/3 definitions]
as of beginning on; from.
at first in the beginning, or on the first occasion.
attack a sudden beginning of a disease or illness. [1/5 definitions]
bar1 a vertical line that marks the beginning or end of a measure of music, or the music between two of these lines. [1/10 definitions]
bar mitzvah a Jewish ceremony that celebrates a boy becoming an adult and the beginning of his religious duties. The bar mitzvah usually takes place when the boy is thirteen years old.
BASIC a beginning computer language. BASIC stands for "beginner's all-purpose symbolic instruction code."
bat mitzvah a Jewish ceremony that celebrates a girl becoming an adult and the beginning of her religious duties. The bat mitzvah usually takes place when the girl is thirteen years old.
birth beginning; origin. [1/3 definitions]
bud1 a flower that is just beginning to open or will open soon. [1/4 definitions]
capillary a tiny blood vessel joining the end of an artery to the beginning of a vein.
century one of the hundred-year periods into which human history is divided. Centuries are usually counted forward or backward from the beginning of the Christian era. [1/2 definitions]
commencement the act or time of beginning. [1/2 definitions]
conception the fertilizing of an egg by a sperm; beginning of pregnancy. [1/2 definitions]
cradle the beginning place of an event or idea. [1/4 definitions]
dawn the very beginning of something. [1/5 definitions]
designated hitter a member of an American League baseball team who is chosen at the beginning of a game to bat in place of the pitcher.
dialing code the British word for the set of digits at the beginning of a telephone number that represents a telephone district. "Dialing code" has a meaning similar to "area code."