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crook something bent, curved, or hooked. [1/4 definitions]
crooked bent, curved, or twisting. [1/2 definitions]
crowbar a heavy, metal bar or rod with a flattened and bent end. A crowbar is used to lift or pry things.
elbow anything shaped or bent like this joint. [1/3 definitions]
flexibility the capability of bending easily, or being bent easily, and not breaking.
flexible easily bent without breaking. [1/2 definitions]
fold1 a section that has been bent back over another; pleat. [1/8 definitions]
gnarled bent and twisted; crooked. [1/2 definitions]
hook a short swinging blow or punch, made by a boxer with a bent arm. [1/10 definitions]
inflexible not able to be bent, or not easy to bend; stiff. [1/3 definitions]
knee something that looks like a bent knee. [1/3 definitions]
lean1 to rest against something in a bent position. [1/4 definitions]
lute a stringed instrument that has a bent neck and a body shaped like a pear.
paper clip a piece of wire bent back on itself that holds papers together.
slouch to sit, stand, or move with a bent, careless posture. [2/4 definitions]
squat to sit on one's heels, or to crouch low to the ground with the knees bent. [1/2 definitions]
staple1 a short, thin piece of stiff wire shaped like a U. Staples are designed to be pushed through several sheets of paper and then bent inward to hold the papers together. [1/2 definitions]
supple easily curved or bent; flexible. [1/2 definitions]
triangle something that looks like a triangle. One type of triangle is a musical instrument made of a bent metal rod that is struck by another rod to make a sound like a bell. [1/2 definitions]
trombone a brass wind instrument. The trombone is a long tube bent in two loops that ends in a bell shape. It is played with valves or a slide that moves to change tones.
warp to become bent or twisted out of shape. [1/4 definitions]