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all-American chosen as one of the best players in the United States in a particular sport. [1/2 definitions]
all-star made up entirely of the best players or performers.
beat the tar out of to best or outdo by a large amount. [1/2 definitions]
classic a work of art or literature that is considered to be one of the best. A classic is an example against which other works are judged. [1/4 definitions]
cream the best part of something. [1/6 definitions]
cream of the crop the best one.
final (often plural) the last sports contest in a series, played by the two best teams or players. [1/4 definitions]
first-class of the highest in quality; best. [1/2 definitions]
foremost first or most important; leading. [1/2 definitions]
guideline a rule that tells people how to do something in the way that is considered best.
ideal seen or understood as the best of its kind or the best under certain conditions. [1/6 definitions]
most the best. [1/7 definitions]
pick1 the best part. [1/9 definitions]
prefer to choose above all others as the best liked or most wanted.
prime the time in a life or career when a person is at his or her best. [1/5 definitions]
regard (plural) best wishes; respectful greetings. [1/5 definitions]
the1 used before something that is best or in fashion. [1/6 definitions]
win to do the best or come first in a contest or game. [1/4 definitions]