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adaptation in biology, the process of change in a living thing, over time, resulting in it being better able to survive and multiply. [1/4 definitions]
add to put on or with something else to make larger or better. [1/5 definitions]
adjust to bring to a better state or position; make fit. [1/3 definitions]
advancement a move to a higher or better position or rank. [1/2 definitions]
advantage a better chance or position; upper hand. [1/2 definitions]
aerobic able to work the heart and lungs to help the body use oxygen better.
aerobics (used with a singular or plural verb) a form of exercise that works the heart and lungs to help the body use oxygen better. Running, swimming, biking, or dance are forms of aerobics.
best better than all others in quality or ability. [2/6 definitions]
better to do better than; to top or outdo. [1/11 definitions]
bluff2 to lead other people to believe that the cards in one's hand are better or worse than they really are. Bluffing is a strategy used in the game of poker. [1/3 definitions]
competitive having a strong desire to win or do better than others in almost every situation. [1/2 definitions]
constructive serving to make better or more clear; helpful.
contest a fight or struggle to win or to be better. [1/4 definitions]
ego a feeling of admiration for oneself or of being better than other people. [1/2 definitions]
exceed to be or do better than. [1/2 definitions]
excel to do or perform better than others.
excellent very good or much better than others.
extra an added and often better thing. [1/4 definitions]
eyeglass (plural) two lenses in a frame that rests on the nose and ears, worn to help a person see better; glasses.
fertilizer a natural or chemical substance added to soil to make it better for growing plants.
flatter1 to make look attractive or better. [1/2 definitions]