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abdomen the part of the body between the chest and the hips. The abdomen contains the stomach, intestines, and liver. [1/2 definitions]
accord an agreement between or among countries. [1/4 definitions]
adolescence the period in a person's life between childhood and adulthood.
Adriatic Sea the part of the Mediterranean Sea that lies between Italy on the west and the Balkan Peninsula on the east. Some of the countries on the Balkan Peninsula that lie on the Adriatic Sea are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia.
Aegean Sea the part of the Mediterranean Sea that lies between the countries of Greece and Turkey.
Africa the second largest continent. Africa is south of Europe and between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. It is in the Eastern Hemisphere.
afternoon the period between noon and evening. [2 definitions]
agreement an understanding between people or groups that states what kind of action is to be taken and what each person's responsibility will be. The document that describes this understanding is also called an agreement. [1/4 definitions]
aisle an open space for passing between rows or sections of seats or shelves.
Alberta a Canadian province located between Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Its capital is Edmonton.
alley1 a narrow street or path between or behind buildings. [1/2 definitions]
alternate to move back and forth between two or more places, actions, or conditions (usually followed by "between"). [2/7 definitions]
alto the vocal range between tenor and soprano. Alto is the lowest range for the female voice and highest for the male. [2/4 definitions]
a.m. the time between midnight and noon. A.M. is an abbreviation for "ante meridiem," which means "before noon" in Latin.
Andorra a small country in the mountainous region between France and Spain. The capital of Andorra is also called Andorra.
angle1 the space between such lines measured in degrees. [1/4 definitions]
ankle the joint between the leg and the foot; the part of the leg just above the foot.
Aquarius a constellation located between Capricorn and Pisces. Aquarius is also called the Water Bearer. [2/3 definitions]
Arabia a peninsula in southwest Asia between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf.
Arabian Peninsula a peninsula in the Middle East on which lie the countries of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait. The peninsula lies between the Red Sea to the west and the Persian Gulf to the northeast. The Indian Ocean borders the peninsula on the southeast.
Arabian Sea an arm of the Indian Ocean that lies between India and the Arabian Peninsula.