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bolt1 a metal or wooden bar on a door that slides into an opening in the frame. When the bolt is inserted into the frame, the door stays closed. [3/8 definitions]
latch a device that fastens or locks with a bar or bolt that goes into a notch or hole. Latches fasten doors, windows, and gates. [1/2 definitions]
nut a piece of metal or other material in the shape of a square or hexagon. A nut has a hole in it into which a bolt is screwed. [1/4 definitions]
rivet a metal bolt that pins metal plates or other objects together. [1/3 definitions]
washer a flat ring of rubber, metal, or other material used with a nut and bolt to make a tight fit. [1/3 definitions]
wrench a tool with jaws that is used to grip and turn a bolt, pipe, or other object. [1/5 definitions]